Resistance (Spell)
School: Abjuration
Casting Time: One Standard Action
Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material
Bard 0/Cleric 0/Druid 0/Inquisitor 0/Oracle 0/
Paladin 1/Sorcerer 0/Summoner 0/Witch 0/Wizard 0

A Cantrip/Orison received by pretty much every class under the sun, Resistance seems like a given to use in virtually any battle situation, mainly because it gives +1 to each of your saves for a minute, and that's not bad. In fact, that extra +1 could be just what you need to stop yourself from listening to a rat scream at you (causing you to punch yourself in the face), fall down a pit, get distracted by moth wings, take damage from someone else's mistakes, burn your eyes out of your skull, and get stunned by the Colour Spray you thought wouldn't come back to haunt you.

Unfortunately, Paladins don't get the spell until (at the earliest) Level 4, so they get the short end of the stick. As for the rest of you, there's no excuse.

Suffice to say, it could be wrong (could be wrong) but it could've been right. You're digging a hole…this is out of control…etc. etc.

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Range: Touch
Saves: Will negates
Duration: One minute
Spell Resistance: Yes

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